FORGE Wheels sales office and showroom is located in Queensland, Australia . Our main aim is to fill the void in custom aftermarket wheels within the shores of Australia, we offer timeless, classic designs of 1-Piece forged monoblock & 3-Piece forged modular alloy wheels using the latest in state of the art design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes.



We strive to deliver the highest quality product in the most realistic timeframe possible, each FORGE wheel is custom made to the customers exact order down to the very finest detail. To achieve this we have utilized the best in the business to design, manufacture, test and develop our products. Instead of starting from scratch and learning the long and hard way by establishing our own manafucturing plant here in Australia we have left the manufacturing of FORGE Wheels to the professionals, thats why all FORGE Wheels are proudly made in our California, U.S.A. based manufacturing facility using the most technologically advanced CNC machinery in the industry.



Each FORGE wheel begins with grade A 6061-T6 aluminum billet cut and placed into a 10,000 Ton forging press to forge the center disks or monoblock forgings.  The result of the forging process is 6061 forged aluminum material with a totally refined grain structure, making the wheels both lightweight and extremely durable.  These materials and processes are also used in aerospace manufacturing to ensure the highest level of quality and strength are attained. Once the raw center disk forgings are manufactured our 3-Piece rim halves are manufactured to the finest tolerances in the industry through CNC Spinning of 6061 Aluminum to achieve absolute trueness and run-out quality. Finally, each wheel is then hand finished and assembled using the finest in stainless steel or optional titanium hardware and then individually inspected to ensure the highest standard of quality control is maintained.



FORGE Wheels are available for purchase anywhere in the globe and are freighted all over the world to our dealers and customers direct wether they are in USA, Dubai, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and everywhere in between. For more information or to locate a dealer please email us info@forge-wheels.com










Testing and R&D plays a huge role in the success of any wheel company, all our wheels are subject to stringent testing processes to ensure the highest quality in each and every FORGE Wheel. These tests include load, corrosion, temperature and destruction testing. This ensures that our wheels are not only strong enough to be exposed to the elements day in day out but also strong enough to be exposed to the extreme conditions of motorsport and offroad use. This is why all our FORGE Wheels are backed by a LIFETIME Structural Warranty a 1 Year finish Warranty.






  • Fatigue and Dynamic Durability testing specified by DOT 109, 119 and 139.
  • High Speed Durability testing (up to 230mph)
  • Rolling Resistance testing Passenger, Medium Truck Spindle Force Method per SAE J-1269
  • Coast-Down Rolling Resistance testing per SAE J-2452
  • X-Ray and Shearography non-destructive analysis
  • Bead Unseat and Plunger Energy per SAE J-916c and DOT 109, 119 and 139
  • Dynamic Impact testing with cleated roadwheel
  • Wheel Impact testing by SAE, ISO and JASO methods. Force and velocity requirements to GM requirements.
  • Strain Gaging
  • Salt/Acid Spray - Salt Spray ASTM B117 method and GM WL 15-5-81 stress corrosion testing. CASS acid test ASTM 368.